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About Me

Hi, I'm Jazmine, Certified Birth & Postnatal Doula

As a passionate and experienced Doula with six years of unwavering commitment, and as a proud mother of three children, I understand first-hand the joys and challenges of birth and motherhood. This personal journey has fuelled my dedication to providing personalised support to expecting and new mothers like you. From the earliest days of pregnancy to the magical moments of childbirth and beyond, I am here to walk alongside you, offering tailored guidance and nurturing care every step of the way. With deep empathy, knowledge, and the wisdom gained through my own experiences, I am devoted to ensuring you have a positive and empowering birth experience, facilitating a seamless transition into the beautiful realm of motherhood. Trust in my expertise and the shared bond we have as mothers, as we embark together on this transformative and deeply personal journey.

My Vision for Mother & Me Doula Services

I envision a world where every birth is a transformative and empowering experience, leaving a positive impact on mothers and families. I am dedicated to changing the world, one birth at a time, by providing unwavering support, knowledge, and care to expecting mothers throughout their journey. My vision is to create a nurturing and empowering environment to equip mothers with the tools they need to make informed decisions, foster a positive birth experience, and facilitate a smooth transition into the extraordinary realm of motherhood. The aim is to revolutionise the way births are approached, ensuring that each mother feels cherished and fully supported. 

In addition to our commitment to empowering births, I recognise the importance of restful nights for both mothers and newborns. That's why I also offer overnight newborn sleep support, ensuring that families I support receive the much-needed rest and rejuvenation they deserve. They receive the overnight assistance required to establish healthy sleep habits for their newborns.  Together, let's embrace a world where every birth and every night is filled with love, support, and restful sleep, setting the stage for a brighter future for families worldwide.

My Philosophy

I embrace a philosophy rooted in compassion, empowerment, and personalised support. I believe in the inherent strength of every mother and her ability to make informed decisions about her birth journey. I prioritise holistic care, recognising the profound impact of the mind-body connection. Through education, advocacy, and a deep respect for the individual journey, I strive to create transformative birth experiences that honour each mother's unique needs. 

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